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This is a pen drawing I did my senior year in high school for a tshirt design. It didn’t get chosen, but has always been a favorite of mine. It sat tucked away in my computer for years until I began doing practicing yoga with Tracy at Yoga Balance Studio in McKinney, TX. Tracy was looking to get some T-shirt designs done for the studio and she hired me to come up with a few ideas. The vector illustration, “Practice Peace” was born from my original pen drawing.

There has always been something calming, either imagined or real, when I’ve looked into a forrest path.

Today I’ve circled back around and decided that no matter where I’m at in my agreement or disagreement with any one particular thought, I can try and practice peace. So no matter where you are today, I hope you find a measure of peace in your mind, heart and action.

Looking Inward | Original Pen Drawing by Tom Cornish
Practice Peace | Original Vector Illustration by Tom Cornish
Practice Peace | Vector Outline in Adobe Illustrator by Tom Cornish

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